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Pro-Mod Bumper
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Westin’s Pro-Mod Front Bumper combines enhanced vehicle protection, with great looks. Pro-Mod’s revolutionary lightweight modular design is uniquely engineered with outrigger reinforcement brackets to provide maximum front end protection without compromising on strength, integrity or durability. The “high and tight” bumper profile creates a greater approach angle, which significantly improves off-road driving capabilities. The lightweight design also requires smaller shipping packages which dramatically reduces shipping costs. Pro-Mod bumpers feature a textured black finish with an e-coated base coat, providing long lasting corrosion protection from the elements. Once you see the Pro-Mod Front Bumper, the choice becomes obvious.

Finish: Textured Black
Material: Steel
Warranty: 3 Year

Start YearEnd YearMakeModelPositionTextured BlackInstallation Guide
20152020ChevroletColorado Base 1, 2Front
20152020ChevroletColorado LT 1, 2Front
20152020ChevroletColorado WT 1, 2Front
20152020ChevroletColorado Z71 1, 2Front
20162018ChevroletSilverado 1500 2Front
20192021ChevroletSilverado 1500 1, 2Front
20192019ChevroletSilverado 1500 LD 2Front
20222022ChevroletSilverado 1500 LTD 1, 2Front
20152019ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD 2Front
20202023ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD 2, 3Front
20152019ChevroletSilverado 3500 HD 2Front
20202023ChevroletSilverado 3500 HD 2, 3Front
20092010DodgeRam 1500 Laramie 2, 4Front
20092010DodgeRam 1500 SLT 2, 4Front
20092010DodgeRam 1500 Sport 2, 4Front
20092010DodgeRam 1500 ST 2, 4Front
20102010DodgeRam 2500 4Front
20102010DodgeRam 3500 4Front
20212024FordBronco 2, 5Front
20152017FordF-150 King Ranch 2, 6Front
20182020FordF-150 King Ranch 2, 7Front
20212023FordF-150 King Ranch 2, 7Front
20152017FordF-150 Lariat 2, 6Front
20182020FordF-150 Lariat 2, 7Front
20212023FordF-150 Lariat 2, 7Front
20162017FordF-150 Limited 2, 6Front
20182020FordF-150 Limited 2, 7Front
20212023FordF-150 Limited 2, 7Front
20152017FordF-150 Platinum 2, 6Front
20182020FordF-150 Platinum 2, 7Front
20212023FordF-150 Platinum 2, 7Front
20182020FordF-150 Police Responder 2, 7Front
20212023FordF-150 Police Responder 2, 7Front
20172020FordF-150 Raptor 2, 8, 9Front
20162017FordF-150 SSV 2, 6Front
20182020FordF-150 SSV 2, 7Front
20212023FordF-150 SSV 2, 7Front
20212023FordF-150 Tremor 2, 7Front
20152017FordF-150 XL 2, 6Front
20182020FordF-150 XL 2, 7Front
20212023FordF-150 XL 2, 7Front
20152017FordF-150 XLT 2, 6Front
20182020FordF-150 XLT 2, 7Front
20212023FordF-150 XLT 2, 7Front
20112016FordF-250 Super Duty 2, 4Front
20172022FordF-250 Super Duty 2, 4, 6, 7Front
20112016FordF-350 Super Duty 2, 4Front
20172022FordF-350 Super Duty 2, 4, 6, 7Front
20112016FordF-450 Super Duty 2, 4Front
20112016FordF-550 Super Duty 2, 4Front
20192023FordRanger 2, 8Front
20112018Ram1500 Big Horn 2, 4Front
20192024Ram1500 Big Horn 2Front
20122018Ram1500 Express 2, 4Front
20132018Ram1500 HFE 2, 4Front
20192024Ram1500 HFE 2Front
20112018Ram1500 Laramie 2, 4Front
20192024Ram1500 Laramie 2Front
20142015Ram1500 Laramie Limited 2, 4Front
20112018Ram1500 Laramie Longhorn 2, 4Front
20192021Ram1500 Laramie Longhorn 2Front
20152018Ram1500 Limited 2, 4Front
20192024Ram1500 Limited 2Front
20212024Ram1500 Limited Longhorn 2Front
20142018Ram1500 Lone Star 2, 4Front
20192024Ram1500 Lone Star 2Front
20212021Ram1500 Longhorn 2Front
20112016Ram1500 Outdoorsman 2, 4Front
20132013Ram1500 R/T 2, 4Front
20112018Ram1500 SLT 2, 4Front
20142018Ram1500 Special Service 2, 4Front
20202021Ram1500 Special Service 2Front
20112018Ram1500 Sport 2, 4Front
20112012Ram1500 ST 2, 4Front
20112018Ram1500 Tradesman 2, 4Front
20192024Ram1500 Tradesman 2Front
20122012Ram1500 Tradesman HD 2, 4Front
20192019Ram1500 Classic Big Horn 2, 4Front
20192022Ram1500 Classic Express 2, 4Front
20192019Ram1500 Classic Laramie 2, 4Front
20192019Ram1500 Classic Lone Star 2, 4Front
20192022Ram1500 Classic SLT 2, 4Front
20192023Ram1500 Classic Special Service 2, 4Front
20192024Ram1500 Classic Tradesman 2, 4Front
20112018Ram2500 4Front
20192024Ram2500 2, 10Front
20112018Ram3500 4Front
20192024Ram3500 2, 10Front
20162023ToyotaTacoma 1, 2Front
20142021ToyotaTundra 2, 11, 12, 13, 14Front
Fitment Number Fitment Note
1 Requires Minor Trimming Of OEM Bumper
2 Front
3 Compatible With A 40 Inch Light Bar
4 Factory Tow Hooks Cannot Be Reused
5 Will Interfere With Adaptive Cruise (Speed) Control If Equipped
6 Requires Removal Of OEM Active Air Dam
7 Excludes Vehicles With Adaptive Cruise (Speed) Control If Equipped
8 Requires Relocating Adaptive Cruise (Speed) Control Module
9 Will Block Approximately 20 Percent Of Camera View
10 Not Compatible With OEM Tow Hooks
11 Requires Removal Of Skid Plate If Equipped
12 May Require Recalibration Of Blind Spot Monitors By A Toyota Technician If Equipped
13 May Interfere With Blind Spot Monitoring System If Equipped
14 Compatible With TRD Skid Plate