Application Chart for Bull Bar Accessories

Contour 3.5" Bull Bar LED Brackets              
Make Application Black Install Sheet          
All Bracket for 30 inch LED Curved Light Bar 32-20055 75-1081.pdf          
 Bull Bar License Plate Bracket              
Make Model Black Install Sheet          
Ford F150 EcoBoost 32-0065 75-0094.pdf          
All All 32-0055 75-0376.pdf          
Contour License Plate Bracket              
Make Application Black Install Sheet          
All  License Plate Relocator Bottom Mount 32-30065 75-3083.pdf          
 All  License Plate Relocator Top Mount 32-30055  75-3083.pdf          
Bull Bar LED Bracket              
Make Application Black Install Sheet          
All Bracket for 20 inch LED Light Bar 32-0045 75-1081.pdf          
LED Light Bar Replacement for Bull Bar              
Part No. Power Output Beam Type LEDS Face Size Amp Draw 12v Raw Lumens Beam Distance Operating Voltage
09-32020C 45W Combo 15 x 3w Osram 20.5" 2.80/1.39 4050 2000 10-30DC
Finish Description Set of 2 Single Unit Light Cover        
Chrome 6" Quartz-Halogen Off-Road Lights 09-0500 09-05001 09-0500C        
Black 6" Quartz-Halogen Off-Road Lights 09-0505 09-05051 09-0505C        
Finish Description Size Part No. Install Sheet        
Round Small Driving Lights  4" x 2.75" 09-0105 00005300.pdf        
Round Large Driving Lights  5.75" x 2.75" 09-0205 00005300.pdf        
Round Logo Light Cover 5.75" x 2.75" for part # 09-0205 09-0205C          
Rectangular Small Driving Lights  5.25" x 2.5" x 2.75" 09-0305 00005300.pdf        
Rectangular Large Driving Lights  6" x 4" x 2.75" 09-0405 00005300.pdf        
Rectangular Logo Light Cover 6" x 4" x 2.75" for part # 09-0405 09-0405C          
Avoid contact with lamps while in operation as they are extremely hot.