Let Westin Off-Road Winches Pull the Weight for You!Friday, February 17, 2017

Westin is proud to announce the availability of Off-Road Winches. Six models to choose from, integrated 10,000 lb (synthetic rope) and 12,000 lb (steel rope) rated single line pull, or non-integrated 9,500 lb and 12,500 lb rated single line pull in your choice of synthetic or steel rope. Let Westin pull the weight for you!

Westin’s new Off-Road Winches are a complete recovery system designed to get your vehicle out of any tough situation. Our (2) integrated winch models are available with 10,000 lb. (synthetic rope) and 12,000 lb. (steel rope) rated line pulls. Westin’s four (4) non-integrated winch options boast 9,500 lb. and 12,500 lb. rated line pulls and are available in your choice of steel or synthetic rope based on your preference and needs. All Westin Off-Road winches come equipped with a 6.6hp 12V Series Wound motor that delivers increased performance, torque and pulling power; giving you the strength and the peace of mind you need to take on any off-road adventure. Trust Westin to pull the weight with one of our durable, dependable Off-Road Winches today.